This page will tell you how I record the audio samples and what I do with them after that.

The best way to record what the sound quality is like coming out from a Bluetooth headset is to record what someone would hear if talking to you on the another phone.

So that’s what I do. I get in my car, for the car noise cancelling test for example, and with the headset on I call my other phone. The phone is sitting at home and automatically answers when I call it and I have a professional audio recorder (the Zoom H4N) with a lavaliere microphone sitting up against the phone’s speaker (Not the external loud speaker but the normal one on the front).

So the audio coming out of the phone is just what you would hear if you were being called by me personally. I try not to do anything else to the recording before I upload it for you to listen to but as in the case of the Legend, the Era and the Bose Series 2 I had to reduce the volume slightly. The microphone setting on the Zoom was set too high and there was some clipping.

I hope the way that I record the samples gives you an unbiased impression of the audio quality and the noise cancelling capabilities of the headset.