Can you use any Bluetooth headset with ps3?

The sound quality of the PS3 is tremendous. The 3D sound will make you feel like every drop of a bullet shell is just right beside you. Now you may think: can I use my Bluetooth headset with my PS3? Sure you can. Even when you are connected with your Bluetooth headset on your cell phone. With the PlayStation 3 you can have online conversations with other online players as well. It will even allow you to take any call while playing on the PS3 by muting the sound of the console and enabling you conversation on cell phone automatically. Let us see how to pair a Bluetooth headset with your PS3:

Pairing a Bluetooth headset with your PS3

Turning your PS3 ON and move to the Main Menu go to the Settings, then select the Accessory Settings sub menu and Register your Bluetooth device. There you will find two options

  • Register BD Remote Control
  • Register Headset/Microphone/Headphones

To pair your Bluetooth Headset here you need to select the Register Headset menu and put your Bluetooth headset into pairing mode. Now select Start Scanning on your PS3.

After selecting your Bluetooth Headset, enter into pairing mode then input the pairing code which is 0000 or 1234 most of the time. Now go to Audio Device Settings on your PS3 and change your Input Device and Output Device to your Bluetooth headset name.

Now you will be able to enjoy the super quality sound system of PS3 on your Bluetooth headset.

Why should I use the PS3 anyway? Is it not just a waste of time?

PS3 is the short form of Play Station 3, which is the world’s most classy videogame console so far developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, was first launched on 11 November 2006 in Japan. It was developed as part of the PlayStation series; PlayStation 3 is the successor to the PlayStation 2. These are iterations of the seventh generation video game consoles that were introduced with an aim to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii.

The graphics, motion-sensing controller, networking capabilities and stellar lineup of games for the PS3 wins over PS2 from all the angles. It has got lists of the most remarkable games so far being developed. You will be amazed to find the totally redesigned controller of the PS3. The memory card adaptor, Blu-ray remote control, and HDMI AV cable, which all are available with the PS3 will transform it from a home video game console to something else. It has got a built-in Blu-ray High-Definition disc player. For which you will be able to play new HD Blu-ray movies, PS3 games, CDs, and DVDs as well on your PS3. Via the PlayStation Network you can go online and play online games, download them as well as you can transfer the downloaded games to your PSP. The PlayStation network will totally free. You will only have to pay for the premium  games. It even supports chat and web-surfing using the Sixaxis or any USB keyboard.

The Cell Processor is the core of the PS3. Which is basically seven microprocessors on one chip that allows you to perform multiple tasks at a time. The graphics quality of the PS3 is unparalleled to any gaming console available due to its Nvidia graphics card.

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