Definition of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving means doing any other activities while driving, which compels the driver to draw his attention away from the road. This is very unsafe and irresponsible act of any driver while driving the car. According to a report, daily distracted driving cause more than 15 deaths  and 1200 injuries. And that is why it is also known as “The new drunk driving” as it causes so much destruction just like “Drunk Driving”. While driving if you are attending a cell phone or texting, eating, reading then you are distracted. And you don’t know what danger you are heading toward. If you are distracted for even two seconds then you cannot imagine what serious trouble you are getting into, which may even cost you your life as well as that of others.

Driving a car safely demands your complete attention. Each time you lose your focus even for a second you are putting your life into danger as well as the life of others. Driving is a huge privilege but it also comes with huge responsibility for yourself, your passengers and pedestrians.

Verbal communication and language processing is a brain intensive task which distracts us from driving

In one survey it was found that 35% of distracted driving incidents happen because of using cell phones while driving. According to a medical study it was discovered that our brain needs to work harder while processing language and establishing communication with anyone who is not physically present around us. Moreover, while driving if you attend your cell phone with one hand and drive with another it forces our brain to work more. This sometimes ends up by not thinking and concentrating on driving but talking instead.

To overcome this type of distraction while driving, the best solution is a hands-free headset. Yes, you are right I am talking about Bluetooth headsets, which enable to use our cell phones hands-free. There are millions of Bluetooth headsets available on the market with different kinds of options. Some of those you may find are auto answering. Some of them will announce the name of the caller when someone calls you and waits for your voice response to say “Answer” or “Ignore”. Even for checking out the battery level of the Bluetooth headsets you will find many that will automatically whispering in your ear “Battery Low”. All these options in Bluetooth headsets are getting developed every day. This is just to make our life easier. But when using Bluetooth we must remember that even though Bluetooth headsets bring us a heavenly state using gadgets while driving but at the same time it does not dispel danger completely. We should try to avoid using any electronic gadgets before sitting on the driver’s seat. And if in some cases when there is no other way but to use your cell phone as it is very important for your job, then you must use a Bluetooth headset which matches your requirements best.

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