How to pair Bose Series II Bluetooth headset

How to pair Bose Series II Bluetooth headset - BluetoothreportThe pairing process of this headset is very easy. First of all, slide the power switch to the “on” position which can be found at the bottom of the headset. To put the headset into discoverable mode hold the call button for approximately 5 seconds which will make the Bluetooth indicator blink slowly. Remember when you power on the headset for the first time it will go into discoverable mode automatically. Now turn on your Bluetooth option of your cell phone and select to search for new devices. Once your cell phone locates ‘Bose BT1’ then select it and if it asks for a code then enter 0000 and press OK. Once these two devices are connected, the Bluetooth indicator on the headset will flash and turn to solid blue to indicate a successful connection. This indicator gets turned off in 10 seconds when pairing is done for the first time.

Why should I pair the Bose series 2 headset anyway? It is any good?

Those who like to enjoy music having a headset in one ear and leaving another ear free to listen to other sounds, Bose Bluetooth headset Series II is the right gadget for them. Bose Bluetooth headset Series II is a second-generation headset that sports a minimalist design which does not attract a lot of attention to itself when someone is wearing it. This Bluetooth headset has not got any behind the ear clips which usually remain over or behind the ear to secure the headset’s to your ear. Rather it is supplied with only an in-ear design which goes into the user’s ear to give a nice snug fit. However even after that it offers comfortable wearing for even long periods of time.

Bose series 2 Bluetooth headset comes with a dedicated ON / OFF sliding button on the bottom of the headset. With its sliding ON / OFF switch you can see exactly whether it is switched ON or OFF. This headset comes with either for your Right or Left ear, which means you cannot switch this headset from one ear to another unlike other Bluetooth headsets. This headset offers multipoint connectivity, which means one Bluetooth headset can remain connected with more than one cell phone or Bluetooth enabled device.

The proprietary dual microphone system used in this headset “rejects” background noise instead of cancelling it. Its Adaptive Audio Adjustment Technology system reacts automatically and adjusts the volume of the headset while you move into a noisy environment from a silent place. This enables you to listen to all the sounds as well as allowing your caller to listen to you clearly.

This Bluetooth headset supports A2DP which allows you to listen to such a high quality sound even if you forget that you are enjoying the sound in only one ear. The battery life of this Bluetooth headset is 11 Hr stand by and 4 to 5 hr talking hr, which takes only 3 hours to get fully charged. On the LED monitor at the back of the headset you can see the battery life as well as its connection status. The battery life is indicated by Red, Green and Yellow color based on how much life is left in it.

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