How to pair Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Tips - BluetoothreportLet us learn how to pair your Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset with your device

Step 1:

First of all you need to turn on the Bluetooth feature of your phone.  It is mostly found in the settings menu then follow the prompts to “find a new device”.

Turning on your Jawbone ERA will automatically switch to its pairing mode immediately. If you wish to put the Jawbone into pairing mode manually, there are two ways to do that:

Option 1: Slide the power switch to ON where the blue indicator can be seen, turn your Jawbone Headset ON and shake the headset four times. When the headset is in pairing mode then the LED light will flash red and white. Once you see this, you can go on to step 2.

OR if you want to start it when your headset is in  OFF mode then

Option 2: Press and hold the Talk button on the back of the headset and slide the power switch to ON from OFF. Do not release the button and continue to hold down until you see the LED light flashing red and white, then release the talk button. The headset is now ready to pair.

Step 2:
Now choose the device and enter in the universal key. You may or may not be asked to enter a passphrase. If you are asked to then just enter 0000 (4 Zeros). Now your headset is paired up with your phone.

Why bother pairing this headset? What is so good about it?

With a built-in accelerometer and patented MotionX™ technology Jawbone ERA is the first Bluetooth headset among the other Bluetooth headsets to have this. You can shake it to activate its pairing mode or tap to answer any calls. Jawbone ERA is entirely integrated with the online MyTALK platform so that it can gain its functionality as the development of new motion takes place continuously. This is the only available headset equipped with military-grade NoiseAssassin® 3.0 that functions for wind and noise canceling technology. NoiseAssassin 3.0 abolishes background sounds better than any other headsets and will also auto-adjust call volume. This technology has got the intelligence to detect in what kind of environment you are so that you can always hear and be heard.

Jawbone ERA gets better when harmonized with Jawbone’s MyTALK platform. You can download apps, customize new features like Caller ID by Name, set different voices or language options, you can even program Jawbone ERA for sending mails and text messages by your voice command. With the 10mm wideband speaker this headset enables you to enjoy your podcasts, Pandora® tunes, YouTube® videos, driving directions to the fullest. The downloadable new apps help you to stay on top of your schedule, battery life and calls. The battery life status can be found on the status bar of your phone. Just by pressing the TALK button on Jawbone ERA you will be able to hear the update if your phone is out of reach. Or you will hear a reminder to charge up whispered in your ear when your battery is running low.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery of Jawbone ERA makes it robust to use with its additional hour of life with up to 5.5 hours for continuous use. Jawbone ERA is available in four striking designs with its layered, architectural exterior surface and faceted body which reflect the touch of advanced technology.

See Aliph Jawbone Era official website.

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