Is Bluetooth on airplanes allowed? Ask the passengers of Qantas QF72 !

Who does not want to have a safe and smooth flight? We all know flying is the most comfortable and less time consuming way to travel. But at the same time it does not always run smoothly or without any risk. Flying also involves a certain risk built in. So, what should we do? Should we stop travelling by air? No, definitely not because, the alternatives are very time consuming which we cannot afford.

To have a safe flight we must be abide by some instructions which get passed down by the air crews when we board the aircraft. One of those instructions is not to use any cell phone or Bluetooth device in the air. Now, you may think what is reason for which we are not being allowed to use those gadgets? The reason is that cell phones or Bluetooth device emit short wavelength microwave radiation with a rapid rate of oscillation which enables the microwaves to travel distances carrying information without any wire. While travelling, the microwave radiation produced by cell phones or Bluetooth devices even penetrates through living tissues down to a cellular level. Now you may think so what is the harm it causes to the aircraft?

You may or may not know that our aircraft travels from the departing airport to the destination airport by following many navigational aids (NDB, VOR, Digital Compass, GPS), which all are fitted inside the cockpit of the aircraft. Those navigational aids also send and receive radio signals from the aircraft to the navigational aids installed on the ground (preferably at various airports) and to and from satellites. So, once we are airborne and use our cell phones and Bluetooth devices inside the aircraft, the radio magnetic field created by these devices around those gadgets conflicts with the signals which all are necessary for the aircraft for its smooth flying and which may cause a deadly crash. Because once we are airborne most the time the aircraft flies using the autopilot option incorporated within the aircraft. And it is programmed as such that it will receive various signals and it will fly the aircraft basing on those signals automatically. So, if the aircraft starts receiving wrong signals then it is obvious that it will not fly accordingly which is required for it to reach the next destination and thereby it may cause a severe hazard for the aircraft.

Actual nearly deadly crash caused by using Bluetooth on a plane

In 2008 with one of the flights of Qantas Airlines, flight QF72 which was flying over the Indian Ocean, the pilots totally lost control over the aircraft and the aircraft made a rapid descent and then got stuck at 8,000 feet above sea level. Later on during the investigation it was found that among the possible causes were that there could be have been a passenger who had been using a laptop with a Bluetooth mouse which lead to flight instruments being affected. God saved that aircraft by preventing it from crashing. To avoid these kinds of accidents, the use of Bluetooth on an airplanes is not allowed.

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