Is Bluetooth Safe? Does Bluetooth Cause Cancer or Bring about Brain Tumors?

Is Bluetooth safe - BluetoohreportYou will not find so much of information about using the Bluetooth as many as can be found for using cell phones. We always overlook whether using Bluetooth is safe or hazardous for our health. If we want live a healthy and better life then we must know whether using Bluetooth is safe for our health or not. Let us explain what Bluetooth Technology actually is?

What is Bluetooth exactly?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology which uses pulsed radio frequency signals for transmitting data at a short range. The microwave radiation that is being used by cell phones to transmit data for receiving and sending call is the same radiation being used by for Bluetooth technology. The main difference is in the distance from source of the radiation to the. Where a cell phone antenna is accepting signals from cell phone towers and satellites which may be within the miles, the Bluetooth headset / technology is receiving the radiation from just a few feet away.

So far, very few studies or experiments have been carried out on the effect of using Bluetooth technology which has enabled the experts to claim that Bluetooth is safe to use without any scientific evidence to support this claim. But as this recommendation is based on no formal study or experiment it should make us conscious about the effect of using Bluetooth technology. We may not know that, spreading of this type of recommendation without any scientific foundation is one of the techniques of the manufacturers used to their own advantage for their retail marketing. Even when Bluetooth technology came into the market the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of USA approved its use without any pre-market testing. They did the same in the case of the cell phone also. But in 2006 when the “Swedish National Institute for Working Life” claimed that about 240% of cell phone users are having diseases on the same side of their head as the side they use the cell phone most then the FDA took the decision to review their approval. Here we are trying to say that Bluetooth functions in the same microwave frequency as cell phones do which means this is also very much harmful to  our health as well.

Diseases that can be caused to exposure to Bluetooth technology

It is been observed in many studies that all wireless technology that emits microwave radiation and is exposed to the human body has a long term effect on us causing many diseases like:

  • Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Brain Tumors
  • Alzheimer
  • Autism
  • ADD
  • Miscarriages
  • Birth Defects
  • Autoimmune illnesses / degenerative diseases
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hair loss

As we use the Bluetooth device in our ear, it exposes our ear, brain and the eyes to a strong field of microwave radiation which may cause:

  • Deafness
  • Brain Tumors
  • Blindness
  • Neck pain / stiffness
  • Skin rashes
  • Headaches

We need to know that microwave frequencies have a short wavelength but rapid rate of oscillation which enables them to travel long distances carrying information without any wire. These short wavelengths with rapid oscillation enable them to penetrate through even living tissues down to a cellular level. So, now I think we have an idea of idea about how this Bluetooth technology functions and how much harm it may cause to our health.

See this article from CNN on the risks of Bluetooth headsets.

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