Using Bluetooth headset with PC or Mac and how to connect it to your computer.

How does it look to have a mass of wires and cables under your desk and you spend most of the time organizing them in an orderly fashion? I think the time has come to face that wires are outdated technology and now we should update to using modern technology that is wireless. What could enable us to get connected to our PC or Mac wirelessly? What also increases our mobility and our freedom of movement? If someone connects his Bluetooth keyboard Bluetooth mouse or headset with his PC or Mac he can enjoy working on his PC or Mac even lying on his bed or can talk over Skype while doing other things with his hands. Yes, believe it or not, nowadays our PC and Mac are configured to connect with Bluetooth device to ease up our job and get rid of wires as far as possible.

Pairing a Bluetooth headset with your PC

To connect your Bluetooth headset with your PC you don’t have to think much. You need to go to the Control Panel. There you select the Device Manager. You will find a list of devices which all are available with your PC. Select Add Bluetooth Device from the list and set it to search for any Bluetooth device in and around your PC. At the same time, switch on your Bluetooth headset to put it into pairing mode. You will find your PC’s Bluetooth has found your Bluetooth headset, now you select your Bluetooth headset from the Bluetooth Device Found list and connect your Bluetooth headset with your PC. Now you can enjoy music, movies and even talk over Skype just by keeping your Bluetooth headset on your ear. It is so easy that anyone can do.

Pairing a Bluetooth headset with your MAC

To connect your Bluetooth headset with your Macbook or mac Pro click the Bluetooth status icon on the menu bar and then select Setup Bluetooth Device. Now the Bluetooth Setup Assistant will appear and start looking for nearby Bluetooth devices. You can also select System Preferences then Bluetooth to open the Bluetooth window and then click Setup New Device. If the Bluetooth window shows that you already have at least one Bluetooth device set up, you start the Bluetooth Setup Assistant by clicking the Add (+) button below the device list. To make your device discoverable, perform whatever steps are being asked. At the same time switch on your Bluetooth headset to put it into the pairing mode. In the Devices list, click the device that you want to pair. Now your Bluetooth Headset is connected with your Mac as well. See Apple’s help on connecting Bluetooth devices to your Mac.

Using a Bluetooth headset is great because no cord is required to tie us down which also gives us the freedom to listen to any sound that comes out from our PC or Mac from just about anywhere. We can enjoy videos or video calls or talk to our buddies over Skype just by from anywhere and while doing other jobs as well.

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