What is a Bluetooth dongle?

When you watch other people around you enjoying Bluetooth technology by connecting their Bluetooth headsets, mouse, keyboards, printers etc. with their PC, MAC or Laptop or any other portable device, you also desire to do so with your PC or Laptop also. But when you find that your PC or Laptop is not a Bluetooth enable machine then you will surely get disheartened. But don’t worry, to help you in this regard hardware developers and manufactures have introduced the Bluetooth dongle which will make your PC or Laptop Bluetooth enabled just by inserting the device into a USB port of your PC, MAC or Laptop.

Bluetooth enable your device with a Bluetooth Dongle

A Bluetooth dongle is a Bluetooth adapter which connects other Bluetooth enabled devices through USB port. You need to install it externally. Latest PC or Laptops have Bluetooth adapter installed within them internally but does not offer you the flexibility to remove them when you don’t require them. However, you can plug the Bluetooth dongle in and out whenever you want. And to install it a Bluetooth dongle does not require any complex operation. You just need to plug it into any of the USB ports of your PC or MAC and automatically the installation driver will start and install the Bluetooth dongle to your system. To connect other Bluetooth enable devices with your PC or Laptop you have to put those on pairing mode at the same time set your Bluetooth settings on your computer to “searching for other devices” mode. Once those are found or discovered just connect them with your PC or Laptop and enjoy the facility of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth dongle functions are based on the radio communication system. This gets connected with other Bluetooth enable devices through micro radio waves which are low cost, secure and robust to use. It functions within a range of 10m to 100m depending on the transceiver microchips which are fitted in each Bluetooth enable gadget. As they use micro radio waves to remain connected and communicate with each other they are not required to uphold a specific line-of-sight. They start working whenever they are within their range.

Pairing problems with Bluetooth Dongles

Though Bluetooth dongle offers us so much of freedom to enjoy the Bluetooth technology but it does not come trouble free. Many of the users have reported that most of the time the Bluetooth dongle does not work properly with their PC or Laptop. You need to remember one thing and that is as this Bluetooth dongle transmits and receives data at a very high speed so they require a minimum USB-port version of 2.0 for proper functionality. Another problem most users face is they face complications while pairing their Bluetooth dongle with other devices. You also have to know that to pair your devices you have to keep them in pairing mode at the same time otherwise the Bluetooth dongle may not find your other Bluetooth devices to connect them.

Bluetooth dongle offers us the wide arena of its use. They can be used for establishing wireless networking of computers within a confined space, can be used for access dial up internet on computers, can be used for transferring files, calendar notes, contact details, list of appointments etc.

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